Take a
Relaxing Cruise

only $145

Spend a relaxing 4 hours sailing the beautiful Lake Macquarie and the 1st course you should do if:


  • you are new to sailing and have never been on a yacht

  • you want to check us out as your prospective school


We sail around the lake and stop for lunch.


Very relaxing, totally at leisure, no pressure to do anything, unless you want to - JUST ENJOY

If you want to join a crew for weekend racing then you'll need to discover:


  • The features of and 
    introduction to safety equipment

  • Learn about the different sections on a yacht and their uses

  • Raise and trim the sails

  • Complete tacks, gybes and
    running manouevres

  • Learn how to move safely around the boat


Held over 2 days
or over a 12 hour period

only $550  *

to Crew

a Helmsman

Now you're ready to take control, let's take your knowledge to the next level:


  • Learn how to steer 

  • Steer to windward,
    off the wind and
    down wind

  • Complete man over board drill, anchor
    and heave to

  • Become familiar with the "rules of the road"

  • Introduction to charts and navigation


Held over 2 days
or over a 12 hour period


only $550  *

*  receive 15% discount when 3 x 12 hr courses booked and paid for in advance

Are you stuck
gift ideas?

Want more time on the water?

Bonus offer - REJOIN any course!


For each 12 hour course booked, receive FREE 2x 3 hour sessions


  • Dependant on availability & if course not fully booked out

  • Strictly on "standby" basis only


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