What comes next?  Now that you have learnt to sail where do you go?

On Lake Macquarie there are four yacht clubs that compete in races on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays & Fridays. We can put you in touch so you can join a yacht as race crew (if you have completed the spinnaker course) Or we can put you in touch with clubs in other ports that might be more suitable.

You may prefer to go cruising using your own charter yacht or join us on one of our purpose selected charter boat cruises to many world wide destinations, Great Barrier Reef, Tonga, New Caledonia, Thailand, Malaysia, Carribean

Charter boat holidays: Thailand


Each year our instructors take away a group of past students to some exotic sailing destination. Usually for 7 to 10 days. It may be Thailand, Airlie Beach, New Zealand, Malaysia, The carribean, Tonga or New Caledonia.


This is a great way to expand your sailing experience and enjoy your new found sport.


We fly to our destination then join our yacht, load our food and refreshments and off on a great adventure. Yachts are all modern and with full safety features. most have share twin cabins (double bunks) with a smatering of singles.

Everyone gets a chance to use their new skills as well as cooking, washing up, snorkeling and swimming.

Modern cruise yachts, Bavaria 50


we utilise yachts like the Bavaria 50 on our charters but it may also be a simpler wharam catamaran or 6 berth Beneteau.


During these charter holidays you will have the opportunity of using your new found navigational skills, using your radio operators license and skipper opportunities.


We try to arrange at leats one local Australian and one over seas charter each year.

Tell your instructor if you are interested and when your holiday times are.


Racing crew in high demand:


With yachting being such a popular sport, there is a high demand for trained race crew.

After doing our spinnaker and race courses you will be well trained but still to gain experience.

We can offer your service as a crew to one of many skippers on Lake Macquarie or one of the many other ports that might suit you.

Go confidently knowing you have been well trained in the major aspects of racing a modern yacht.

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