Courses 2 & 3 to be completed before either 4 or 5  ( Pre pay for 3 x 12 hr courses for 15% discount)


*Bonus offer on all courses... feel free to rejoin in any of our courses to gain more training time FREE. on a standby basis. (2 x free 3 hr for each 12 hr course) This is a great way to gain training time on the water.

Discover Sailing 4 hrs

$95            #1

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If you are new to sailing and have never been on a yacht or you just want to check us out as your prospective scool, this is the first course you should do. We sail around the lake and stop for lunch. Very leisurley and no pressure to have to do anything except enjoy

Become a crew $550

* 2 days or 12 hrs  #2

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This is your first course and you are introduced to safety features, Learn the parts of the yacht and how to use them. raise the sails and  trim. do tacking, gybing and running manouevres,  How to move around the boat safely

Now that you can crew it is time to become more useful and learn to steer the boat, to windward, off the wind and down wind. Do man over board drill, anchor and heave to. Learn to use the rules of the road and an introduction to charts and navigation.

Become a skipper $550

* 2 days or 12 hrs  #4

Now you will take charge of the yacht, set crew their tasks and make decisions to do with the wind and meteorology and safety.

work on and off a wharf use head ropes, brest lines & Spings. Work on catering arrangements, passage planning watch keeping

become a racing crew $550

& spinnaker course

4 days total of 24 hrs

required for race crew.

If you intend to race this is yout prime course. Learn to use asymetrical and symetrical spinnakers, trim main and headsail, gybe tack, raise and lower spinnakers till you are very comfortable with it. Learn race rules and some tactics, reading the wind for shifts, lifts and knocks. become an important crewman

Seamanship, knots and splices

* 1 day $95

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Marine radio operator

* 2 days or 6 evenings


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Navigator (2 days)

1) coastal ($395)

2)Celestial ($395)

3)Radar  ($395)

Keel boat theory courses: it is a requirement to do theory for this (free)



we give you as part of your course the yachting Australia handbooks and log book. This contains all your theory notes for all your courses. As a prerequisite for the courses you are asked to complete the theory and understand it. This becomes a home study excercise and you instructor will during the course try you out with questions.

It is imperitive for safety reasons to know your theory, rules of the road, cardinal marks, lights and shapes. It is all to do with good seamanship.

With the advent of GPS and electronic chart plotters fewer people learn the art of using paper charts, compasses and dividers.

It is law to carry paper charts of your area of operation and you should know how to use them. Learn to navigate any coast on the planet.Celestial navigation using sextants and charts is a dying art. we teach a rough and ready version that gives you one plot per day using the noon site method.The author of this site recently crossed the Atlantic ocean for the first time using this method, it works!


Course cost includes VHF & HF log book and operating manual. A candidate will be required to: Demonstrate a practical knowledge of GMDSS sub-systems and equipment which is appropriate to vessels operating in Australian waters on which a radio installation is not compulsory under international agreements. Specifically, MF/HF and VHF radiotelephony equipment with digital selective calling (DSC) facilities, and emergency position indicating radio beacons of the 406 MHz MHz type. Demonstrate an ability to use MF/HF and VHF radiotelephony and digital selective calling (DSC) operating procedures, particularly those relating to distress, urgency and safety

During your course you will be introduced to the knots that sailors use on a day to day basis. Some of you may want to take this further and learn more advanced knots like the Turks head and garrick bend.

Seamanship is also covered but we introduce a more advanced theory side of this so when you confront it in a practical situation you will be ware of what to do.

Our home when ashore


Learn on your boat:.

The entire course can be done on your yacht. Our skipper will inspect it to make sure it is of a similar standard to our training vessel (or better) For the same cost we then teach on your boat.

Each crew will then be added at an exptra cost 60% of the normal cost.

So skipper at normal cost and each crew has 40% discount. Max 5 students

This is a great way to start your sailing and get comfortable with your own yacht. Your crew will also be happy knowing they are learning on the boat they will be crewing on.


Become a helsman $550

* 2 days or 12 hrs  #3

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