Practical & theory courses

Seamanship and Boat Handling Course

Technical - Seamanship boat manoeuvring


This course consists of:


  •  Comply with regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel up to 12 metres, learn collision regulations
     Follow environmental work practices

  •  Handle a vessel up to 12 metres. Tying up, anchoring, using spring lines, using prop walk

  • Apply seamanship skills aboard a vessel up to 12 metres, working in a seaway, stowage of gear, passenger safety, knots & splices, rope coiling and handling


Held over 2 days

Live aboard course

Welcome aboard with up to three other students. Hands on practical seamanship and boat handling.

Meals and bunk provided bring a sleeping bag.

Marine Radio

Required for Coxswains course


Includes VHF and HF log book, and operating manual.  


If a VHF and/or HF radio are on board, a licensed operator must also be onboard as well, (except if the radio is used in an emergency).


A candidate will be required to:


  • Demonstrate a practical knowledge of GMDSS sub-systems & equipment, 
    appropriate to vessels operating in Australian waters on which a radio installation is not compulsory under international agreements. Specifically, MF/HF and VHF radiotelephony equipment with digital selective calling (DSC) facilities, and emergency position indicating radio beacons of the 406 MHz MHz type


  • Demonstrate an ability to use MF/HF and VHF radiotelephony and digital selective calling (DSC) operating procedures, particularly those relating to distress, urgency and safety



Held over 2 days or 6 evenings





only $395 *

Become a


 Plan and navigate a passage for a vessel up to 12 metres, study charts and how to use them, plot position and course. Chart up dates, using tides, recognize abbreviations & use 5011, allow for variation & deviation in compass reading


  • Introduction to electronic navigation



It is law to carry paper charts of the area where you sail you should know how to use them. Learn to navigate any coast on the planet.


live aboard course

Held over 2 days

Welcome aboard with up to three other students for a hands on practical navigation while sailing the vessel.

Follow compass courses

Plot your ship's course

Plot your position on the chart

day and night pilotage and "blind" navigation exercises.

Meals and bunk provided bring a sleeping bag.

only $395 *

Keel Boat

Includes Yachting Australia handbooks and log book which contains all the theory notes for all your courses.


As a prerequisite for all our courses you are asked to complete the theory and understand it. This becomes a home study excercise with your instructor asking questions throughout any course you complete with Discover Sailing.


It is imperitive for safety reasons, and for good seamanship, to know your theory, rules of the road, cardinal marks, lights and shapes.

*  receive 15% discount when 3 x 12 hr courses booked and paid for in advance

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  • Dependant on availability & if course not fully booked out

  • Strictly on "standby" basis only


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