The Yachting Australia keel boat scheme sylabus

The Yachting Australia Keel boat scheme is designed to take the absolute novice sailor from day 1 through to being a keelboat skipper or a sought after racing crew. it is your decision  which standard you wish to achieve. the sylabus is the same at all Yachting Australia sailing schools, so people looking for crew or helmsman know they are getting well trained people for their boats.

If you are learning so you can have your own boat the same applies. We don't skimp or skip over anything. it is all important.

Become a keel boat crew sylabus

Lesson 1

  • Welcome & Briefing

  • Receive your Welcome , YA Syllabus & Logbook & YA Introductory Keelboat textbook

  • Weather forecast

  • Safety on Board

  • Rigging the boat and hoisting sails

  • Introduction to the different parts of the boat

  • Going About

Lesson 2

  • Sailing close hauled

  • Reefing

  • Sailing a beam reach

  • Rules of the Road

  • The figure Eight knot

Lesson 3

  • Running

  • sailing off a mooring

  • The bowline

  • The wind

  • Hove to and lying a hull

Lesson 4

  • The Bouys

  • Downwind helming

  • Gybeing

  • Sailing all points of sail

  • Leeway

become a keel boat skipper

Keelboat Seamanship/skipper level

 Keelboat 2 Sailing Theory and safety Knowledge Advanced sailing and seamanship skills and improve knowledge

Take charge of a keelboat in familiar sheltered waters

At this level you will be happy to skipper your own vessel or to charter a vessel for your holiday

Ask about the availability of our school vessel?


Become a keel boat helm Sylabus

Lesson 1

  • Outboard motoring inboard motoring and basic troubleshooting

  • Maneuvering under power

  • Anchoring

Lesson 2

  • Mooring under sail

Lesson 3

  • Man overboard

Lesson 4

  • Introduction to spinnaker pole

  • Role of Foredeck hand

  • Sailing goosewinged

  • Hoist spinnaker (if time permits)

Spinnaker crew


Day 1 Symetrical SpinnakersHow to rig spinnaker gear Terminology Hoisting, trimming and dropping the spinnaker

Day 2 Asymmetrical SpinnakersGybeing the spinnaker Windward sets, Gybe sets windward drops .

Theory & Social Evenings During the evening we cover starts, Tactics, Racing Rules. After your course you are invited to Free registration on our crew Register.Included is one free saturday spinnaker Race.


Important note: During the period of your training and doing courses with us you have the opportunity of re doing any part of the practical or theory you feel needs more practice for free. So we offer you two free practice lessons (on stand by) during each course taken.

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